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Competencies Define Top PerformanceKramer Consulting Solutions, Inc. specializes in developing and implementing a wide variety of competency models, including job, functional, core, and leadership competencies.  A large part of the business is creating competencies for specific jobs and functions.

What differentiates our company is the ability to customize the competencies specifically to a job, function, business unit, or company.  In addition, we can describe competency behaviors in stages, levels, or phases so that individuals can readily see progression throughout each competency.

Competencies specifically identify the behaviors, knowledge, and skills that differentiate exceptional performance.  Competencies are written in observable and precise terms to facilitate the communication of success factors to multiple audiences.

There are four major types of competency models:

Job Competency Models:  Describe the behaviors, knowledge, and skills required for exceptional performance for any particular job.  As a result, individuals and their managers can evaluate performance against an observable standard.  Employees and managers can observe clear strengths and developmental areas and target appropriate actions.  Career paths can be clearly defined that describe observable behaviors for a wide variety of jobs.  The identification of top talent is enhanced due to the precise ability to evaluate specific competencies during the selection process.

Functional Competency Models:  Define the most important standards of performance for individuals within any function, i.e., Sales, Marketing, Research and Development, Operations, etc.  These competencies precisely describe functional excellence for all jobs or positions within the function.  Applications for the function are developed to support implementation.

Core Competency Models:  Identify the critical skills, knowledge, and abilities that are required for success for all individuals in a particular organization.  This creates a common language and an agreed upon standard of performance among employees.  Competencies can be developed to define steps of progression, which enables differentiation of performance. 

Leadership Competency Models:  Describe the most important success factors for all executives or leaders within an organization or function.  Individuals are provided with a road map of observable behaviors to chart their future success.  These competency models are very powerful when used in talent management and in executive coaching.


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